Thanks to the Fodmap diet I am finally feeling well.

For years I have struggled with finding a diet that helps me feel well.   I’ve suffered from terrible Irritable Bowel Syndrome and tried most of the healthy diets ever written. I’ve always loved fresh, barely processed food and eaten good quality.  I had no idea some of the foods I was eating were causing me so much damage.   I went round and round in circles to doctors, specialists, all sorts of practitioners that claimed to have the answer.  They kept pointing to the old 5 Food Group charts and telling me to stick to that or to eliminate many types of food.   It turns out a lot of the food I was allowed in those diets, I shouldn’t have been eating.  The bloating and always being asked when my baby was due were starting to get me down.  My kids thought it was hilarious that people thought I was pregnant at the age of 49!   I was starting to feel like I would end up like my Mum, housebound and only being well enough to go out the door only by not eating anything the day before.     Things like outings on our family boat were just a memory.  It was really getting me down having to stay home while the my partner and kids would be out on the water.

Low-FODMAP-BookI decided I would have another go at sorting out this issue.    I came home and tried to adjust many of the diets I was incorporating and seeing a few results.  I also decided to try the FODMAP diet.  I’m on day 36 now, (as of November 2014), and feeling so much better.  There were things I was really missing, like chickpeas and watermelon. But having reduced by a dress size and feeling much less bloated, I am determined to stick to the diet where it is at all possible.  This afternoon, I was missing my daughter who is overseas on holiday and grabbed a packet of bhuja, a snack we always share.  She eats the rice crackers and noodles and I eat the nuts and peas.  Forgetting it is full of chick peas, I sorted through, put her share back in the bag and while working on my blog, ate mine.   Oh dear….  tummy is grumbling like a volcano.

I recently came across a lovely book and started on the recipes. Low FODMAP menus for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, by Suzanne Perazzini. Of course, being a night owl, I started with the section titled Midnight Feast.  Let me say now… the Beef and Roasted Pepper Bruschetta is just delicious, and so easy to put together.  I am so glad I bought the book.  I can’t think of any recipe in that that I am not eager to try.  The Salmon and Spinach Quiche and Banana and Blueberry Loaf are also favourites I eat often.

Check out the book, it comes in both hardcopy and ebook.  Enjoy the freedom to get out and about again.  While I am still recovering from previous damage I am really seeing great results.

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(Just disclosing I do make a little money on the link… but as always , I only recommend things I truly like).

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    • I suffered for only a few short years bofere being diagnosed with a severe gluten sensitive enteropothy almost 7years ago. I had been complaining to my doctor about symptoms for almost 2 1/2 years (a short amount of time at that point bofere being tested) being only prescribed fiber supplements & being told stress was the culprit. However, my symptoms got more & more severe; I had lost 15 lbs. & was already a thin person. I felt sick every morning & night. It was affecting my work & social life. I could not concentrate & was exhausted & depressed all the time! I was finally referred to a gastroenterologist but while waiting for the appointment, asked if I could see dietician to help me find foods I could digest. It was her who suggested I might be gluten intolerant although I was told it was very rare. The test results came back positive for the gluten antibodies & I immediately stopped eating gluten. Within 2 weeks, I was feeling amazingly better. Then when I had the appointment with the gastro doctor, he sent me only for a colonoscopy to rule out other GI issues and because my insurance would only pay for one test. I forever regretted not pursuing this further with my insurance. The test came back negative but of course it was the wrong part of my intestines to have been tested. He told me that I probably had celiac disease & if the GF diet was working, that I should stick to it. I felt 90% better & gained back all my weight & then some but was always bothered that I did not have a definitive diagnosis. About two years ago, an at home genetic test for Celiac Disease became available & I immediately got tested. The results came back negative! I was very surprised by this. I still stick religiously to a GF diet & had noticed some new symptoms in the last year or so & have since has some further testing to discover soy & casein intolerances also way harder to stick to than the GF diet! The one thing I would spend resources on, is education of physicians & the restaurant industry so that no one has to go without the proper diagnosis & testing & can live a normal social life while dining out in restaurants. Things are getting better everywhere & I feel lucky to have been a part of this GF diet thing from the ground up & diagnosed when I was.

  1. Yes Wendy, I’d seen it round and brushed it off as just another fad diet. I did a bit of research as I saw the words Irritable Bowel Syndrome and found this site from Monash University. (let me know if the link doesn’t work. or you could type Monash FODMAP in your browser and it comes up.

    I’ve ordered their book which is $10 and very much looking forward to posting more about it as I learn more. But in the short, less than 7 weeks I’ve slowly been introducing it (I should have gone cold turkey as it is so easy to follow) I have felt so much better. I wish I had discovered it years ago instead of spending $1000s in medical bills.

  2. I’ve researched it a little more and have been observing some reactions. It definitely seems true for me re: onions and yoghurt and humus and watermelon, all things I’ve tucked into for years. I’m now going to click on the book link. Thanks Gerardine, you may have helped me solve a very frustrating mystery as to why, even when I eat the healthiest foods, I end up with terrible indigestion. Some was related to fear and anxiety, but this might be the rest of the picture.

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