Raspberry, Kiwi, Strawberry and Passionfruit Roll-ups.

Roll-ups, sometimes know as fruit leathers, are such an easy and very tasty food to have on hand.  The only trouble is trying to stop everyone eating them before I have a chance to put them away for later.   They make great lunch-box food and great snacks for after school.BLOG ROLLUPS COLLAGE

Mash together

3 cups Raspberries

1 cup Kiwi fruit

3 cups Strawberries

1 cup Passion fruit pulp

Don’t blend them or the seeds will make it uncomfortable to eat.

You can add a little sweetener but it will change the Nutrition table.

Dehydrate overnight on a silicon tray.  If still not quite set, leave for a few more hours.

Keep in airtight sterile jars.

Freeze in jars if keeping for awhile.

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